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Mobile Solutions

mobileSF :: Sales Force Automation System
The MSF solution is a key instrument towards the automation of the information and transactions made in a sales task. It also helps automate the distribution and service operations. MobileSF will gather vital information to maintain your sales services at the highest of standards. Mobile SF is used by numerous leading companies and interacts with hundreds of sales representatives daily. 

MobileSF is a complete solution that will allow your company to implement real mobility and flexibility towards the automation of your sales force. Our system will provide your company with an application that will completely integrate with your main ERP system and is capable of adapting to all the needs and requirements of your company.



  • Customer visits schedule

  • Order entry

  • Collections entry

  • Sales representative activity analysis reports

  • Automated creation of suggested orders

  • Billing entry

  • Accounts statements inquiries

  • Inventory control capabilities

  • Sales representative supervision module

  • Sales vs. quota inquiries

  • Data transferring


mobileDT :: Delivery Track Automation System
MobileDT is a system designed to automate and control the dispatch operations and delivery of merchandise. MobileDT provides complete information of the delivery process, time and confirmation, reason for no delivery, comments or important instructions that allows the tracking practically online from the critical points of dispatch.



mobileMED :: Medical Reps Automation System
MobileMED is a system driven to the automation of the activities of each medical representative. MobileMED provides complete information of doctors, location, medical visits information by location, samples inventory and product distribution by lots.



mobileSERV :: Field Service Automation System
MobileSERV is an automation driven system for the service representatives. It provides complete information of the clients and locations, activity information of every service representative and the client's equipment inventory.



Systems Solutions

ITGroup:: Leader in Mobile Solutions
Sales Force Automation, Collection Automation, Analysis and Control for Managers, Supervisors and Executives, Medical Reps & Promotional Visits. Over 10 years designing and producing Mobile Solutions for Multinational Companies in LATAM in the area of Distribution, Pharmaceuticals and Banking. Thousands of mobile users with implementations in Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Curacao, Dominica, Mexico and Venezuela.


iMobile SF

Sales Force Automations
Order Entry, Collections, GPS, Inventory.iMobile MEDMedicals Reps Automations Medical Visit, Products Distributions, Sample Inventory, CRM.



Mobile System Performance Monitoring
Managment Control, Quotas, Sales Execution, Supervision.



Mobile System for Collections
Collections Stategies, Monitoring, KPI.


Mobile Custom

Mobile Systems Custom
iOS, iPads, iPhones, Android, Windows Mobile for GPS applications, marketing, advertising, etc. Adapted to the particular needs of each client.

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